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Florida Votes Values Constitutional Amendment Voter Guide

Florida Family Policy Council Amendment Constitutional Amendment Voter Guide

Amendment Voter Guide

Get the Florida Family Policy Council Proposed Constitutional Amendment Voter Guide Here.

This voter guide covers amendments 1, 2, 3, and 5 with an in depth look at amendment 2.

On amendment 1, Solar Energy, FFPC recommends voting No.

On amendment 2, Medical Marijuana, FFPC recommends voting no.

On Amendment 3, Tax Exemption for Disabled First Responders, FFPC recommends voting yes.

On Amendment 5, Property Tax Exemption for Low Income Seniors, FFPC recommends voting yes.

Churches, other groups and individuals can download and print copies of this 501(c)3 compatible guide for distribution in churches and non-profits.

View Pastor Bryan Longworth’s Sermon: Applying Biblical Principles to the Proposed Constitutional Amendments and St Lucie County Referendums Here.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Amendment 1 – Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice – Vote No!

Proposed Amendment 2 – Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions – Vote No!

Proposed Amendment 3 – Tax Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled First Responders – Vote Yes!

Proposed Amendment 5 – Homestead Tax Exemption for Certain Senior, Low-Income, Long-Term Residents; Determination of Just Value – Vote No!

St Lucie County Proposed County Referendums

No.7 –  Half-Cent Local Government Surtax – Vote No!

No.8 Slot Machines at Licensed Pari-mutuel Facilities Located in St. Lucie County – Vote No!

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  1. Tomas Tejera

    I would like info on my voting options

  2. Daniel Foss

    At the end of this guide is some info int he intermediate before this gets posted.

  3. Pastor Bryan Longworth
    Pastor Bryan Longworth

    We have added links to voter guides on the proposed amendments to the FL constitution.

  4. Tom S

    On Amendment 5, you say vote, “yes,” at the top of the page, and then vote, “No,” in the middle of the page. Which is it?

    1. Pastor Bryan Longworth
      Pastor Bryan Longworth

      At the top of the page I list The Florida Family Policy Council’s recommendations: voting no on proposed amendments 1 and 2 and yes on proposed amendments 3 and 5. After FFPC’s recommendations, I list my recommendations: voting no on proposed amendments 1, 2, and 5 and voting yes on proposed amendment 3. I know of others who are recommending voting no on all of the amendments because these issues can be handled legislatively.

  5. DD

    Why yes or no on 5?

    1. Pastor Bryan Longworth
      Pastor Bryan Longworth

      You can read the FL Family Policy Counsel Constitutional Amendment Voter Guide and also listen to my sermon, both of which are linked above on this page. I oppose Amendment 5 because it would create a large percentage of Floridians who would pay lower taxes which in turn means that the remaining tax payers will pay more in taxes. We should abolish all property tax. Until then, we need to call upon our elected officials to reduce spending and reduce taxes.

  6. Robyn Dombrowski

    Where is the information that is stated about Amendment 2 on this guide coming from?,_Amendment_2_(2016)

    I’m a bit put off by the scare tactics and false information in your guide.

    1. Pastor Bryan Longworth
      Pastor Bryan Longworth

      The Florida Family Association created the amendment voter guide. I also preached a sermon where I applied Biblical principles to each of the amendments. Links to both are included on this page.

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