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Florida Family Policy Council Voter Guide for State and Federal Races

2016 President of the United States Plus US Senate

Voter Guide

Presidential and US Senate Voter Guide

The Family Research Council has now created printable PDF Voter Guide for the Presidential and US Senate Races.

Page 1 of the voter guide covers the US Presidential race and highlights position from Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Donald Trump.

Page 2 of this voter guide covers the US Senate race and highlights positions from Patrick Murphy, Marco Rubio, and Paul Stanton.

Find out where the candidates stand on the sanctity of human life, common core, the Iranian nuclear deal, Obamacare, gun control, and marijuana legalization.

Churches, other groups and individuals can download and print copies of this 501(c)3 compatible guide for distribution in churches and non-profits.


FL Family Policy Council iVotes Interactive Voter Guide

Interactive Voter Guide

Interactive Voter Guide

Florida Family Policy Council has a new, Online Voter Guide for State and Federal Races. With this online voter guide, individuals are provided with a personalized ballot featuring only the information for candidates and races they will be voting on in that election. View Florida Family Policy Council’s Interactive Voter Guide here.

When viewing the voter guide, note the tabs for US President, Federal, and State. Clicking on the respective tab will show the races in each of those categories.




Florida Family Policy Council Legislative Scorecard

Legislative Scorecard

Legislative Scorecard

This year, the Florida Family Policy Council published their first ever Legislative Scorecard and plans to continue to publish this resource annually. The Legislative Scorecard gives every current state legislator a numeric grade (0%-100%) and corresponding letter grade (A-F) based upon their voting record on our issues during the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions.

Click HERE to see how your legislator scored!

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  1. Gary

    Your PDF Link for this page is outdated. It currently takes one to the Republican Primary Guide. Please let me know when it is fixed to the currently national guide.

    1. Pastor Bryan Longworth
      Pastor Bryan Longworth

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The link is fixed now.

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