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Florida Family Policy Council Judicial Voter Guide

The 2016 FL Family Policy Council Judicial Voter Guide

Florida Family Policy Council 2016 Primary Judicial Voter Guide

Judicial Voter Guide

Florida Family Policy Council Voter Guide for the General Election

For 11 years FFPC has produced one of the only truly comprehensive Judicial Voter Guides anywhere in the state by any organization. This product gives you all the information available on judges up for election to County Court, Circuit Court, Court of Appeals and the Florida Supreme Court. This extensive online grid direct you to additional websites, questionnaires and information to provide comprehensive information on the judicial candidates. View the 2016 FL Family Policy Council Judicial Voter Guide here.

2016 Judicial Retention Recommendation for the Florida Supreme Court and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th District Court of Appeals

Of all the branches of government, the judicial branch has done the most damage to the constitution and our laws. In Florida though, voters have the right to kick judicial activists out of office when their retention vote comes up.

Many of you have asked for judicial retention recommendations. I have great news for you! They are now available. Get your judicial retention recommendations here:

Judicial Recommendations

View Recommendations for 19th Judicial Circuit – Group 6 here.



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  1. Digitialshadow

    The Family Policy Council Judicial Voter Guide is useless and really should not be referred to as a guide at all. It is merely a collection of links to the candidate’s 100-word-or-less filing, a link to the candidate’s website, or both. Is that really what passes for a guide these days? When trying to determine which elected judges embody similar values, virtues, and, above all, morals, that hold in esteem, I expect a guide to provide more information than what this “guide” provided. Please try to provide useful information in the future or refrain from publishing this guide at all.

    1. Dianne

      I understand your frustrations! I don’t know if it’s totally non-partisan, but you can try the Be Ready to Vote guide and you can also go through the long pain-staking job of looking through their rulings on the court website as I did.

  2. Babs

    I agree..we the people need to know each Judicial platform just because they are suppose to be non partisan doesn’t mean they are look at the Supreme Court of these supposed United States…I personally want to know their agenda!

  3. Alton Martin

    Well I always vote them out to be sure none are put in that are bad.

    1. Pastor Bryan Longworth
      Pastor Bryan Longworth

      Some of the judges are good and should be retained. Please check our new judicial retention recommendations:

  4. Nadine

    Judge Nelly Khouzam is pro-life. All of her decisions have been pro-life. Your recommendation to retain her needs to be changed to a YES. Bill Bunkley from the religious radio station 570 realized that he had made an error by not recommending her when he noticed that information from another judge was incorrectly placed in her file. When he realized that error, his recommendation is now to vote YES to retain Judge Nelly Khouzam, she is
    PRO-LIFE, Florida needs more judges like her.

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